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Action Vehicles are the UK Film and Television industry’s primary actual supplier of vehicles directly onto the sets of movies and TV shows. This is unlike other “car directory” listings where vehicle owners have to hope that film directors look at the directory itself (which in our 28 years experience of the industry, they never do…) and then pick the cars that they want – this is not how the industry works. ALL major film or TV productions ALWAYS use an action vehicle supply company, of which Action Vehicles Ltd is the UK’s biggest, to provide their vehicle requirements. Reference to the many car directories is at best extremely rare.

Look at the Action Vehicles Credit List. These are all productions that Action Vehicles have been the SOLE SUPPLIER of the in-shot vehicles. In other words, every single vehicle that appears on that film or TV show will have been supplied by Action Vehicles Ltd

So it follows that your vehicle has a much better chance of actually being used on a movie set if you register it with us. Furthermore, we are always looking for “ordinary” cars. By that we mean your everyday run-around, family saloons, slightly tatty vehicles, vans, pick-up trucks, motorcycles…..everything you might see on the street in fact. You see, it’s obvious really, if the film is trying to replicate a busy street with normal traffic, then these ordinary vehicles are what we are asked to supply. The numerous car directories are full of pristine examples of classic cars, or beautiful sporting supercars. But these are not what we look for 95% of the time. Yes, that’s right, 95% of the vehicles we provide for use in films and television are ordinary, every day cars, your average VW Golf, or a Mondeo Estate, or a plain old Transit Van.

And you’d probably be surprised to hear that it’s actually quite difficult to find these cars. The reason though is quite simple: if we needed to find a vintage Rolls Royce, or Porsche 911 Turbo, or even something like a Russian Zil Limousine, it would be relatively easy. There are owners clubs, and specialist repairers and restorers, and whole little mini-communities of people interested in and associated with these various vehicle types – contact one and you’ve as good as contacted then all. Simple! But, if the requirement was for say, a Red 2005 Vectra, or a 1999 Green Ford Mondeo, or a three year old Skoda Oktavia Estate, where does one search then? There are no owners clubs, no associations, no monthly gatherings of enthusiasts. The cars are too old for main dealers to hold stock normally, and anyway dealers want to sell their cars, not hire them out for filming….

So, hence our drive to get owners to register their car (or cars) with us. It gives you a chance to possibly see your pride and joy on the screen, plus experience life on a real film set, and it makes our lives a whole heap easier…..

Finally, registering with Action Vehicles Ltd is infinitely better value than listing your vehicle on a directory. The cost to register with Action Vehicles Ltd is an £8.00 administration charge only; it’s a once-only charge and your vehicle remains on our register indefinitely, unless you inform us that you no longer own it; it’s a much, much, cheaper fee than all car directories charge because it is not (unlike the directories) a revenue gathering charge – in other words, Action Vehicles Ltd makes its money from actually providing vehicles for films and TV shows, not by putting together glossy directories of pictures of cars that no one in the film industry will actually look at! And lastly of course it’s much better value because your vehicle will be on the books of a company that really does use hundreds of cars every year to put directly onto film sets……….

Click here to register your car now, and gain the very real chance of earning some money with your vehicle, and experiencing life on a film set, plus get automatic free subscription to our quarterly newsletter with the chance to win a trip with us on to a movie set for the day…..

“95% of the vehicles we provide for use in films and television are ordinary, every day cars………….”    just like yours!

Action Vehicles have been the sole supplier for:
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of FireBatman BeginsEyes Wide ShutHarry Potter And The Deathly HallowsJames Bond - Die Another DayBridget Jones - The Edge Of ReasonHarry Potter and the Philosophers StoneHarry Potter And The Order Of The PhoenixJudge DreddShadowlandsHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of AzkabanJames Bond - Casino RoyaleBend It Like BeckhamChaplinPearl HarbourHarry Potter And The Chamber Of SecretsEast is EastHarry Potter And The Half Blood PrinceSuperman 3The HoursThe VeteranMichael CollinsBridget Jones's Diary Notting HillThe Da Vinci CodeThe KraysThe AvengersLet Him Have ItJames Bond - Tomorrow Never DiesBilly ElliotThe BorrowersJames Bond - The World Is Not EnoughSpice WorldShanghai SurpriseEmpire Of The Sun